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Tranquillity Spa Package


Close your eyes & imagine yourself on a tropical beach! Pure Fijian coconut sugar scrub will buff away impurities from the entire body, followed by a relaxing back neck & shoulder massage. An express facial will complete your time in blissful relaxation.

Package includes:
•   Full body coconut sugar exfoliation   •    Back neck & shoulder massage   •   Express facial.


Delicious Honey Body wrap


When you need the ultimate in luxury, this treatment is for you. Enjoy a rich, delicious coconut milk & honey body mask massaged in with precious hot stones with warm cocoon infusion after a full body sugar scrub. An express facial, scalp massage & full body moisturise will leave your skin feeling soft, calm & nourished.

Package includes:
•    Full body coconut sugar exfoliation   •   Warm milk & honey mask massage in with precious hot stones & warm body cocoon  •   Express facial   •   Scalp massage   •    Full body moisturise


Ultimate Spa Package


This is the ultimate La Bella pamper package. Treat yourself or someone special to this exquisite package including light lunch & refreshments to complete your ultimate La Bella experience.

Package includes:
•   Deluxe facial   •   Full body massage   •   Full body coconut sugar exfoliation   •  Warm coconut milk & honey nourishing body cocoon   •    Spa pedicure   •   Spa manicure   •   Eyebrow wax & shape   •   Eyelash tint


Serenity Spa Package

Price 145

Enjoy a deeply relaxing hot stone massage that will harmonize and balance your entire energy flow. De-stress your body, stimulate blood & lymphatic circulation with rejuvenating warm precious stones. A full body coconut sugar exfoliation will prepare your skin for a truly relaxing body treatment.

Package includes:
•   Full body massage with precious hot stones   •   Full body coconut sugar exfoliation


Indulgence spa package 

Price 170

Relax & escape the everyday with a deluxe facial, Spa Pedicure & manicure. Drift away on a cloud of peaceful thoughts and revive & revitalise your body from head to toe.