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Blog #3: Beyond my wildest dreams…

13 Mar 2016 1:55 PM -

The winner is LA BELLA MEDISPA!

That’s right people, our dedicated team of girls with fabulous skin knowledge and a fabulous attitude have won again…

The dermaviduals Salon of the Year for 2015! From a pool of over 140 salons from Perth to Brisbane the Parkes team have aced the contenders to win this amazing accolade!

Well done to the La Bella Medispa girls with their fearless leader and corneotherapist Rebecca Miller head over heels with the win. Not that we should be surprised by this fantastic feat, we all know how damn good our team are but to be recognised as national winners truly is something else. Almost as good as dermaviduals products and corneotherapy themselves!

Labella won this award for their dedication to skin training and educating staff in corneotherapy to the highest level! This allows the girls to be able to offer their clients a supreme product and service saving our beautiful skin one skin at a time with individual concept…

The girls at La bella Medispa go more than the extra mile with their skin analysis and full skin assessment consultations and treatment plans, and for that we have been rewarded with this amazing prize.

Let’s turn our attention to our very own corneotherapist Rebecca Miller for her story….

I want to take you on my dermaviduals journey so you know what has got us to this point. Five years ago, I was feeling lost, underwhelmed and in search of the perfect skin care product range that would meet all my beautiful client’s needs at once. I was using over 5 different product ranges and was left feeling like a jigsaw puzzle thrown up in the air. I was yet, in my 25 year career, to find that one product range that met my entire needs and got the result I was looking for… that was until I met Simone Vescio and Reike Roberts who introduced me to dermaviduals and corneotherapy philosophy who made all the pieces of puzzle fit together – when I found out it was German skincare range with the only true corneotherapy range where science meets beauty, I was immediately hooked and intrigued. My passion for skin was reignited!

I took a risk… A huge risk, and introduced this line into my salon, being the first salon in Australia to do so. In amongst translating the German training manuals to English, purchasing the suite of amazing products and commencing the skincare treatments I had waited my whole life for, I fell in love. I fell in love with dermaviduals and the corneotherapy philosophy – an individual solution for every skin condition - all it stood for, and all the opportunities it created for me.

When I saw the results I was completely mind blown, dermaviduals created a whole new world of leading edge products without all the hype that I just knew my team and my clients would absolutely love. This would change people’s lives, and change lives it has. Amongst my opportunities presented since the inception of dermaviduals Australia, I have had the pleasure of travelling to amazing place such as Germany, China and Dubai – in pursuit of the very best skincare and corneotherapy training and insights to bring back to the Central West and continue to deliver a premium service to those who deserve it the most, not to mention the lifelong friends I’ve met along the way.

Over the coming months you will hear testimonials from the amazing clients who have been completely transformed using corneotherapy and dermaviduals and why they love this German product as much as we do! The last five years have been the most rewarding of my career, as I wholeheartedly and authentically believe in, trust and deliver the best solution for your skin… dermaviduals has provided a product range beyond my wildest dreams and I wish this very same journey for each and every one of you…

As the German’s say: lieben die Haut Sie sind in – Love the skin you’re in! 
For more information on dermaviduals and corneotherapy please give us a call!

P.S. The dermaviduals lip repair is to DIE for! 

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