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Blog #2- Fifty Shades of Max (note my flushing cheeks)

16 Dec 2015 4:24 PM -

Imagine a steaming long stick hovering over my face, special reduced lighting that changes colour as my special treatment from Max continues. Relaxation sets in to the subtle dull hum of Max doing his thing… Vivid imagery of those precious quiet moments of alone time with Max.

Ok ok so I’m not talking about a steaming love affair (Unfortunately) but what I am talking about is the hardest worker at La Bella – Max + { and plus he is} or commonly known by the girls as ‘Maxy boy’!

Welcome to the second La Bella blog. Lets talk skin treatment. So according to the official description – a Max + polychromatic treatment delivers optimal concentrations of LED light, a scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send calibrated packets of light into the dermal layer sending off a frenzy of cellular activity.

Roughly translated {no idea} from this non-beauty inspired freshman - this means that Max + works on the brain of my cells (and hopefully enhances my actual brain as well). The listed benefits include acting simultaneously on different objectives and is highly customizable – so basically, Max + will work to your individual sensual needs, complete and utter relaxation, an enchanting love affair that is non-invasive and moves at your speed, long walks on the beach and massages… oh hang on, I got side tracked again.

Max + works to regenerate the brain in our cells and is a simple, safe treatment that can offer visible results to damaged facial skin.. Max+ is primarily focused at enhancing the skins innate ability to correct challenging skin conditions, thus optimizing skin health.

Not only does Max+ provide a steamy love affair in the warmth and comfort of La Bella Medipa, he works to enhance environmentally damaged skin, problematic skin, diffused redness, along with general maintenance and preservation of healthy skin.

Prior to using Max+ a thorough skin analysis and consultation must be completed by the skincare specialist aka Jess {skin extraordinaire with so few facial blemishes Kim Kardashian would be jealous}  And Bec {I'll have what her skins having thanks!} 

I can tell you something right now – picture Me {skin carer equivalent of a truckie on the road for months living in red dust petrol stations} 

What results can be expected?

 ~ A sensual and highly customisable treatment

 ~ A long luscious stick hovering gently around    your face

 ~ Cool calm lighting to relax the soul

 ~ A gentle hum in your ear as Max does his thing…

Sorry, sorry, I got sidetracked again….

Actual results:

~ Increased vitality

~ Increased elasticity

~ Younger healthier looking skin

~ Refinement of texture

~ Reduction of fine lines and photo damage 

 So my steamy love affair with Max continues each week when I stroll blissfully into La Bella Medispa to engage with Max + and enjoy some quiet time to myself. Get on board – your skin analysis and skin cell rejuvenation is waiting!

Merry Christmas to all our loyal followers from  myself and the gorgeous staff at LaBella Medispa.



Labella and the blogger take no responsibility for advice from the blog ~ it is for educational purposes only. So put down the 'vinegar dashed aloe Vera based crazy eBay purchased face cream' and go talk to the girls who actually know......

We make no commitments to the frequency of this blog {we are really busy getting our skin analysis on & drinking excessive amounts of coffee to undo the hard work of our skincare routine} ~ your ongoing feedback and interaction will determine frequency and content... So hit us up!! 

Until next time ~ happy 'prevent looking like an old truckie’ cleansing and moisturizing routine ladies and gents! 

Just saying...... 


C xo 

                                                                                            Me & Maxy!!

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