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Blog #1- The Maiden voyage

25 Nov 2015 3:39 PM -

Well if you weren’t at the La Bella Christmas party last week – you weren’t anywhere!! What an amazing event it was. Champagne flowing, beautiful food and a room full of ladies absolutely glowing with beautiful skin!

Me on the other hand is a different story… we’ll get to that.

Welcome to the La Bella Medispa blog – this is the maiden voyage and let’s hope it works out better than the titanic did… so here goes…

A little about me:

My skin knowledge extends to: 

- the fact it covers my body 

- the fact I'm pretty much albino so if I don't cover up I'm the equivalent of a tomato shriveling in an old sunbed 
- the fact that I should be probably do something now my 'age box' has reached 30-34 😳 to prevent ending up looking like a 90 year old pug... 
- how to analyse {the shit out of} your skin for under $50 
- how we are undoing all our good skin work on a boozy weekend {insert oh, shit another 'I'm guilty' article} 
- bec's {crazy clear skin lady} top tips 

Never fear 'older box's' this blog is for everyone! {if you haven't heard the sex in the city reference to 'welcome to me box' treat yourself here:}

 Ok back to it.... So what is this la Bella blog? 

Another webpage to provide detailed scientific and cosmetic information? Ummmm far from it.... 

Let me set the scene: 

1st there's: Me {skin carer equivalent of a truckie on the road for months living in red dust petrol stations} 

Working with..... 

Jess {skin extraordinaire with so few facial blemishes Kim Kardashian would be jealous} 


Bec {I'll have what her skins having thanks!} 

Our Mission: To educate, engage and come on this skin analysis journey with us... So it will go like this: 

Me {no idea} + Bec & Jess {experts who speak not one word I understand but who are clearly exceptional in their expertise} = roughly translated to {hopefully meaningful} hints and tips & FAN-EFFING-Fabulous skin for all!! 

Here's our direction: 

- how to keep those important males {Magic Mike style hot}


And much much more.... 

Watch this space as we start the ride! 


La Bella and the blogger take no responsibility for advice from the blog ~ it is for educational purposes only. So put down the 'vinegar dashed aloe Vera based crazy eBay purchased face cream' and go talk to the girls who actually know......

We make no commitments to the frequency of this blog {we are really busy getting our skin analysis on & drinking excessive amounts of coffee to undo the hard work of our skincare routine} ~ your ongoing feedback and interaction will determine frequency and content... So hit us up!! 

Until next time ~ happy 'prevent looking like an old truckie’ cleansing and moisturizing routine ladies and gents! 

Just saying...... 


C xo




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