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Amazing Oncology Training

14 Oct 2012 7:51 PM - by Rebecca Miller

I had the pleasure of being in the first intake in Australia to attend the training to become a qualified Oncology Aesthetician. The educators were Morag Currin, oncology nurse Fiona Farmer and LED guru Jennifer Brodeur. Three truly amazing and inspirational women. Jennifer and Morag both travelled all the way from Canada.

You may be asking why I decided to participate in this training? I needed clarity on what I could and could not offer to cancer patients. I now feel I can make such a positive impact in the lives of these amazing people who are going through the fight of their life. I can now offer them a safe and relaxing treatment.

The life of a cancer survivor is never the same once touched by this vicious disease. The side effects are enormous not just physically but also mentally. It can be a massive challenge just to get out of bed once under treatment.

I think most people have been effected by cancer in some way, whether it be a family member, friend or a survivor themselves. In 2010, 113 700 Australians were diagnosed with cancer. It is the second highest cause of death among Australians today. However with the scientific research available today, the survival rate is rapidly increasing.

The effects cancer treatment have on the skin are catastrophic. Knowing Dermaviduals is a soothing, calming, nurturing and safe dermatological skin range, with a stand out philosophy of Corneotherapy to maintain the acid mantle means that we can treat the skins of these cancer patients with ease. A cancer patients physical barrier is disrupted, so a product range that is free of perfumes, emulsifiers and mineral oils is crucial. After this training I can now offer Oncology patients so much more.

Jennifer Brodeur is an amazing lady, definitely the LED guru. She has dedicated her life to LED skin therapy and LED oncology treatments. She knows exactly how to treat these fragile skins through trials and testing, as well as working with oncology patients on a daily basis. I could listen to her amazing life stories all day long.

After Jennifer's expert training on LED treatments, I now know Max+ truly is the leader on the LED market today. I know I am offering my clients the safest and best results driven LED treatments in the world today.

Thankyou Morag, Jennifer, Fiona, Simone & Reika for giving me the opportunity to participate in this life changing training.

August has already begun with fireworks at La Bella Medispa with Senior Skin Therapist Jess Birch giving birth to a beautiful baby girl Ruby Grace on July 19. She is perfect in every way - especially her skin. Your skin in the largest organ in your body and is the first place to show signs of aging. Between the sun, smoking and using abrasive products on your skin - you start to see even from teenage years how quickly your skin shows signs of aging.


The best way to combat aging is to prevent it. NO matter your age or skin type, we have a treatment that will suit your skin and slow down the aging process.

Little Ruby Grace has a skin-aware mum who will be able to provide her with the best advise when it comes to her skin, but we don't all have skin therapists for mothers! That's where we come in...drop in anytime and have a chat about your skin and how we can help you get the skin you've always wanted.


Here are some of our other new babies in the salon - great new treatments and products for you to try!

Velaslim Body Machine

The amazing new Velaslim Body Machine has arrived at La Bella Medispa!! Using Radio frequency, heat and infrared, liquidate those fat cells and let your body naturally rid them through your lymphatic system! Tone that unwanted loose skin and start losing centimetres TODAY!! To celebrate the arrival of our new machine La Bella are doing $45 specials on each area that you want toned! Give us a call on 6862 5515 to make your appointment TODAY!

Cosmetic Tatooist

Our new amazing cosmetic tattooist is in the salon Monday 20th August. Danielle Scott offers clients permanent make-up that won’t wash off. She can create uplifting new brows that give the impression of a brow lift or enhance brows that are missing a few hairs, Eyeliner that never smudges and renewed lip definition. Check out her website www.daniellescottcosmetictatto‚Äč for amazing before and after pictures! Call 68625515 today to make an appointment spots are filling fast!

It's all about you at La Bella Medispa!


Everything you wanted to know about Fraxel Laser

Our new Fraxel Laser machine has been attracting a lot of attention from our clients with many keen to give it a try.

Who can have this treatment?

Anyone who has strong, healthy, functioning skin. We will analyse your skin beforehand to make sure it’s ready for the treatment. You may need to go on a skin care regime to get your skin ready. 

What kind of pre and post care do I need to do?

You need to have been following a specialised skin care regime prescribed by us and undertake exfoliation for two weeks before the treatment. After the treatment, it’s important to keep up with your skin care regime, wear SPF every day, avoid sun exposure particularly in the middle of day and avoid exfoliation for a week afterwards. For optimum results we recommend you come back in 2-3 weeks later for a skin needling treatment.

What results can I expect to see?

You should see an improvement in tone and texture of your skin, an improvement in visible follicles and any scarring and a reduction in uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Your skin will also be visibly brighter.

What can go wrong?

Nothing, as long as you follow the instructions given to you by your skin care specialist. Your skin is analysed by a professional paramedical aesthetician before treatment to ensure it is in the right condition. The machine is designed so that it’s impossible for excess heat to pass through the laser as it only works as it rolls. This means there’s no chance of the machine being still and still operating.

How many treatments do I need?

One treatment is enough to see a result. This is a great treatment for brides who need to have bright skin on their wedding day. A course of 4-6 is recommended to achieve maximum results although the number of treatments is tailored to your concerns and skin care desires.


 Busy time for Beauty

What a month! The girls and I have been super busy since Christmas and and it seems everyone loves our new brand and our renewed focus on skin. Remember, if your skin is clear, healthy and dewy – you look younger, more refreshed and more beautiful.
After much research and many trials, we have recently introduced the Clear and Brilliant Fraxel Laser machine to our clinic. This treatment is getting some great results when it comes to better skin tone and texture, skin brightness and the reduction of the appearance of pores.
To make sure it did everything it said it was going to, myself and two of our clients with different skin types undertook the treatment. Here’s what they said:

 “The day after my treatment, my skin felt gritty and I was a bit worried it hadn’t worked. But after about a week, I started to notice a dramatic difference. My sun damage was reduced, the bags under my eyes were lightened and I couldn’t stop touching my skin because it was actually silky and smooth. I have a business, 3 small children and am constantly tired, run down and have lately begun to feel like I look older than my 36 years. Although I was hesitant to do this treatment, I’m so glad I did because I now look refreshed, my skin is brighter and it’s true – I really do look younger. I’ll be back to get my chest done this time. My skin is quite pale and sun damage and redness really shows up. This treatment has evened out the tone of my skin, I’m really surprised by the results and will be making it part of my beauty regime.” - Jen, mid-30’s, sun damaged, pale skin with a little dryness on the chin

“I go to La Bella’s quite regularly. I love to have all the treatments, but sometimes I find myself just stick to my usual. When I was offered the chance to have a go at Fraxel, I took it. I am in my 40’s now and my skin has really started to show signs of aging. It’s thicker than it was and my lines are deeper. I have olive toned skin and it can sometimes appear to be heavy and dark. After the treatment, I went back to work. I was a bit red, but it settled down in a few hours. The treatment was pain free and afterwards, my skin seemed to be exfoliating itself. After a week or two the difference in my skin was dramatic. Everything seemed lifted and brighter. The fine lines around my eyes were reduced; it was as if I’d had botox! It’s been at least a month since the treatment and the results are still there. I really think its good value for money.” – Margie, mid-40’s, sun damaged skin with fine lines

I also had it done and really loved the results. Although they say it takes 3 days to see results, I think it’s more like 1-2 weeks. Then you really see a dramatic difference. This treatment is great if you are a bride or going to a special event or are feeling a bit dull or that your other treatments need a bit of a rev up. Try this out. It’s pain free and I was up and back working straight after. And remember, you can only use mineral makeup for a week after the treatment.

We’ve had quite a lot of enquiries about it so far – but one of the things you need to remember, is that your skin needs to be in good condition to have it done. Depending on what products you’ve been using, we might have to analyse your skin and send you away to get your skin fit before we do it. And ladies – let me just stress this: the lotions and potions you buy at woollies and the chemist are NOT good for your skin. They contain glycerine – which sits on the skin and serves as a barrier therefore stopping any nutrients from getting in. They also contain many abrasive additives that will aggravate any skin concerns you have like redness, uneven tone, blemishes and scars. Before you make your choice on skin care, pop in and see me or one of the girls. We can analyse your skin and then suggest a skin care regime that suits both your lifestyle and your skin. Having great skin will change your life, literally. You will be surprised at how much better you look and also how much healthier you skin will feel!

I really believe in this treatment. I know there has been bad press about laser machines lately, but this machine is so safe. It’s sort of like a ‘baby laser’ machine – not quite as powerful as the bigger ones that you’ve probably read about or seen on TV. The truth is – laser problems come from bad practitioners. It really shouldn’t happen. And with our machine, it can’t happen. Not only are all the staff well trained, the machine also has a mechanism in it so that as soon as the machine is standing still on your skin it switches off. Which means increased heat in one area is impossible. We keep it moving and rolling over your skin so you only get what you need.

If you have any question about the treatment or would like to have your skin analysed to see if you can have a go – give us a call and we’d be glad to have a chat!

Remember, it’s all about you at La Bella Medispa.


Still looking for that elusive 'perfect pressie'? Don't worry - I've got you covered.  

Here are my top picks for Christmas this year. Done and dusted.

For Mum

Now let's think about this. Not only did the woman give birth to you, she's loved you, cared for you and gave you money when you needed it. She moved over and let you sleep in her bed when you were sick, she painstakingly created a pool out of blue jelly for for your birthday cake and she sat through every end of year presentation, every soccor game, every jazz ballet concert and she was also the one who made you a chocolate milkshake every time your boyfriend broke your teenage heart..again. 

Perhaps she deserves more than a bath bomb and a pair of slippers this year...

For mature skin, I recommend either an IPL skin rejuv session ($199) or a Paramedical Skin Therapy Facial ($120). These treatments will bring a renewed freshness to her skin - that she'll be able to see straight away. Top it off with a take-home skin needling kit and she'll soon forget all about those 'difficult teen years' and be back to her younger and more gorgeous self. 

For Your Sister/Wife/Sister-in-law/Best Friend

I've put all these gals in the same group becasue, quite frankly - they have alot in common. They very often have to put up with your bad moods, they often steal(borrow) your clothes and they make sure you get home when you've had a few too many vodka's at the Royal.

They are the wind beneath your wings, your best mate and at times, the only ones who'll tell you the truth. Treat them this Christmas with a luxurious package. Give them something they probably wouldn't buy for themselves like our Delicious Body Honey Wrap ($149) or our Indulgence Package which includes a deluxe facial, spa pedicure and spa medicure for just $149. Pop their voucher into one of divine makeup bags (from $39) and include a lovely little Youngblood lipgloss. Perfect!

For your son/daughter or teenage nieces and nephews

The Cleanstart collection comes in great packages and includes everything a teen needs to get their skin in order. Those teen years can be painful (remember that home perm?) but at least you can give them the gift of beautiful skin this year with our Cleanstart cleansers and moisterizers. And if they just want to look beautiful on Christmas Day (or the all-important NYE!) get them a voucher for a spray tan ($35) and a makeup application (from $40)

For the office Secret Santa

The Secret Santa ritual has a habit of going horribly wrong. Like when you thought everyone was going 'funny' this year so you got those hilarious penis lollypops only to find your boss had given you a box of (very conservative) Roses chocolates? There is only one place you need to shop this year - and everyone will wish YOU drew their name out!

Pick up one of our makeupbags (from $39) or a voucher for an eyebrow wax ($15). Take a look at our gorgeous cupcake soaps or pick up a Youngblood lippie in this season's hottest colour - RED!

So that's your gifts covered. Now don't forget to print this out and highlight which group you're in so you get you what you really want this Christmas! 

Merry Christmas from the team at La Bella Medispa!


The party season is no party for your skin

Yes, I know. It's Christmas! That's why your having an extra drink. That's why your eating bad foods. That's why you don't have time for your beauty routine. Well sister (or brother as the case may be) I'm sorry, but it's time for me to be bad cop. Your skin doesn't know it's Christmas. If you have been treating it with respect and following your routine and putting it to bed at night with a glass of water and a nice layer of moisterizer - then once you stop - your skin is going to freak out! Like a three-year old who doesn't get his nap - your skin will have a tantrum. That's why there are more skin flare ups at this time of the year.

With the added stress your putting on your skin, it's even more important to take care of it. Don't forget to take your makeup off at night and book in for your regular treatments ahead so you stick to them. Prepare your skin by trying skin needling which will allow a greater penetration of product and make sure the makeup you use is healthy too. Youngblood Mineral Makeup is the makeup we recommend because it's actually good for your skin!

Drink plenty of water (try a glass between alcoholic drinks) and make a rule that you get to bed before midnight. We can advise you on what your skin needs to get through the party season. It may take a little planning, but then no one will ever know just how many Christmas parties you indulged at this year! 

Give your skin a gift this year too and keep it healthy and gorgeous!

Have a great party season,


Are you sure your beauty therapist knows what she's doing?

With the flood of new products in the beauty market it’s more important than ever that beauty therapists have the education, knowledge and experience needed to work with a wide variety of skin conditions.
When you visit a beauty therapist who doesn’t understand cosmetic chemistry, you run the risk of mis-diagnosis of your skin condition and the wrong products used on your skin.
The beauty industry has already seen the damage caused by overuse of certain technologies and as a result, skin conditions have been made worse rather than alleviated.
Rebecca Miller of La Bella Medispa in Parkes has over 18 years experience in the beauty industry and says education is the key to successfully overcoming any skin concern. “The damage caused by an oversubscription of some treatments includes over-exfoliated and damaged skins. Of course peeling does have its place, but you have to ask before you peel – ‘Why do I need to peel and what am I hoping to achieve?’ If the lipid bi-layers are intact and the skin is a well-functioning skin, why peel?”
The blanket approach to skin care is over. The future of skin care is individual skin analysis and personalised skin correction. Rebecca ensures her staff are trained to pass on their knowledge to customers so they are equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their skin. “Everyone’s skin is different,” says Rebecca. “It’s important to talk to your skin therapist about what your skin concerns are and then ask them about technology and treatment available to them. If your therapist doesn’t have advanced skin analysis knowledge, and can’t tell you what’s going to be best for your skin disorder, then you shouldn’t be letting them anywhere near your skin.”