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2nd International symposium on Corneotherapy 2013- Germany

4 Jun 2013 11:49 AM -
dermaviduals Australia

How do you sum up 2 of the best weeks of your life?? And get it down on paper.

 Go back to Monday the 6th, where this great adventure all began at Sydney International Airport emirates lounge. Here I met up with Simone & Reika, co owners of dermaviduals Australia New Zealand, Robbie and her very lovely husband Jamie (Newcastle) and my new friend Laura. It was then that I met two of the most special people ever from New Zealand. If I could be half the person that these two are I would be happy, Chrissy and Bobbie.

We embarked the A380 for the 14 hrs direct to Dubai, very comfortable considering we were in cattle class. I knew Dubai was in the desert but you just can't believe this amazing city. In the middle of the desert with all its Ritz and glamour, this place had my jaw on the ground. I felt like I was royalty, and to top it off we stayed at ... Jumeirah zabeel el saray on Jumeirah beach. It was just amazing. Everything you could ever imagine was here. The breakfast bar had 8 different bars, the pool, the beach and my goodness the shopping (GOBSMACK). The shopping centres are out of this world. Just an enormous aquarium in the middle or if you wanted to snow ski for the day, just head to the top floor.

The next day Simone, Robbie, Jamie and I headed out to the desert for a tour. We rode the sand dunes and mind you these four wheel drives have roll bars and yes we did get caught in one, scary!!! Lots of belly laughs and great video footage.

We then pulled up in the middle of the desert to have dinner in a manmade village, which had great food and wine. Here we smoked our first shesha. They come in every flavour you could imagine (poor Robbie got a head spin). They then turned all the lights off and the stars were so bright, it was the most peaceful feeling ever.

The next day we boarded our flight to Dusseldorf, direct to Romanik hotel (you always feel like you’re at home.) Leichlingen a small quaint town,  BEAUTIFUL. It wasn’t long  and it was meet and greet with the dermaviduals family that had flown in from all around the world including Greece, Korea, Romania, Finland and Canada just to name a few. It was an early night, ready for day one of learning at the 2nd International symposium on Corneotherapy 2013.

 It was an absolute privilege to be in the room with the best of the best in our industry. Guests included Florence Barrett Hill - absolute skin extraordinaire,  Dr Lance Setterfield- skin needling guru and Dr Hans Lautenschlager creator of dermaviduals, as well as dermatologist professors from all around the would. Lectures covered corneotherapy concepts, liposomes, nanoparticals, lamellar system, skin analysis linking leading causes of skin conditions to cells and systems as well as product composition and treatment modalities. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

 I have learnt so much and can't wait to educate my clients and staff. Following on from this, we set out on a bus for an excursion to Neanderthal -a museum on evolution. It was very funny and YES we may have snuck away to a pub next door for coffee and cake (and ok yes I did have a red wine). We were then off to Tia bier hall, with panoramic views. I thought the stairs would never end, still lots of laughter, great food and wine to be had here.

Off to Koko at Langenfeld for the next few days, which saw me learning and training even further. A facial factory tour on how dermaviduals is made and the new products the doctors are currently working on for release.

What a fabulous team at Koko. Everyone is so professional and friendly, just loved catching up with the Koko team. We had great dinners every night with lots of laughs and interesting chit chat.

Berlin here we come..... This city is amazing, it’s like the new era of Europe and just have to say apart from having my children, this day was the next most  mind blowing day of my life. I don't know where to start, we were with the most amazing German girl who knew everything there was to know about Berlin. I mean so mind blowing I never wanted to leave!!!

We started at check point Charlie museum. I learnt a lot about the wall and if I lived here I would have been on the western side and how terrible it was for people. We even shed a bit of a tear after hearing our guides mum had to flee. Cafe Einstein then called us for cake and coffee. We then went to the real wall and learnt about the Gestapo centre and Terror centre. I went on the underground train to the Kdewe centre department and straight to floor 6 and WOAH!!! I have never seen anything like this, if you like cheeses you would be in your element!  Had the best lunch ever and went to a champagne bar with the best strawberries ever . Everything you have every dreamt of was at this place.

Then it was on to the Hitler bunker, the holocaust memoria (WOW), followed by Brandenburg gate, both amazing places. Bike taxi then took us back to our hotel. A quick room party with the most smashing cheeses, antipasto and champagne was a must before we set off to Chameleon theatres.  This was the most amazing show I have ever seen, it was incredible. The music was so sensual, I can’t describe it , a cross between acrobatics, dance, art, comedy and expressionist called dummy. Make sure you come and visit this in your lifetime. The architecture is exceptional, it has been revived since I was last there. Berlin is a must visit as well,  it just has it all going on, its blown me away.

Then the long trip home. I have to say I had the most amazing time. Thank you to Reika and Simone for this life changing opportunity. Dr Hans and the amazing koko team, all the speakers and the international dermaviduals family. Cant wait to see you all again in 2 years.

Thank you for sparking up my love for skin and how corneotherapy is the key...